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X-Stream Impingement Freezing Tunnel

X-Stream Impingement Freezing Tunnel


X-Stream: an innovative impingement freezer applying low temperature, high velocity air directly onto the product. Ideal for crust freezing pork, beef, and dry cured bacon or products with a high surface to weight ratio, e.g. bakery.

Impingement technology

  • High velocity air jets are directed to the top and bottom of food products
  • The jets of turbulent cold air disrupt the boundary layer of the air surrounding the product, speeding up freezing due to more effective heat exchange
  • Applying low temperature, high velocity air dramatically increases production efficiency and throughput
  • Fast freezing results in smaller ice crystals and reduced dehydration, improving product quality and yield and reducing product ‘drip loss’
  • Energy savings from faster freezing

X-Stream is a bespoke design, made to your specifications. We will adapt it to freeze any product and also fit the space you have available.


  • Adjustable airflow to suit the product
  • More efficient heat exchange reduces energy usage
  • True alternative to cryogenic freezing
  • Reduced ‘give away’ through consistent, accurate slicing
  • Clean cutting with no tears to meat portions
  • or bone fragments
  • Chilling fresh products before packaging for same day despatch
  • Freezing of small items


  • Improved presentation of products through clean cutting
  • Yield improvement of up to 5%
  • Longer shelf life
  • 12-24 months payback
  • Faster than spiral freezing, at a fraction of the cost of nitrogen
  • Low capital and operating cost
  • Achieve supermarket final chill despatch temperatures of 0°C
  • Low cost of ownership through robust, reliable design


  • Meat: beef, pork, sausages, cooked ham, dry cured bacon,
  • burgers, chopped turkey
  • Fish: salmon fillets, smoked salmon, fishcakes
  • Other: cheesecake and desserts; patisserie; pizza toppings;
  • seasonal items

Main features

  • Inline compatibility
  • Varying belt widths suitable for packaged or naked product
  • Stainless steel belt
  • Hygienic cleanable design with full accessibility
  • Externally-mounted motors to minimise refrigeration load
  • Supplied with independent refrigeration plant, offering
  • efficient reverse cycle defrost

A fully-operational test rig is available for viability assessment, for product freezing tests or to check quality, yield and freezing times – or for small-scale, seasonal procedures.

We will adapt it to freeze any product and also fit the space you have available, so get in touch for a chat about your options.


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