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Vent-Stream Air Chiller

Vent-Stream Air Chiller


Vent-Stream: an innovative and cost-effective cleanable poultry chiller. Maximises product yield, energy efficiency, reliability and bird shelf-life.


  • Targets air directly into the bird cavity and over the external surface, maximising heat transfer to minimise yield loss
  • Parallel, serpentine, single tier track design using 300mm and 600mm diameter wheels
  • 30% reduction in floor space compared to 300mm wheel layout
  • Controlled temperature and direct airflow maximises heat exchange and bird capacity while minimising dehydration, wing freezing and residence time
  • Robust and reliable conveyor design
  • Hygienic stainless steel tube track for maximised cleanliness (T-track also available)
  • Case hardened chain to reduce wear and prolong chain life
  • Multi drive system
  • Adaptive tension control via our Intelligent Drive Control System


  • Chills at deep muscle level from post-evisceration to less than 4°C following equalisation
  • Each unit can process up to 13,000 birds per hour
  • Increased air circulation around bird
  • No tier to tier drip
  • Tension control system providing extended chain life
  • Units can be multiplexed
  • Compatible with all industry standard auto-transfers
  • State of the art technology to monitor and log air temperatures to ensure optimum efficiency

Main features

  • Minimal dehydration for better yield
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy-efficient

Conveyor layout

300mm and 600mm diameter wheels with parallel tracks on staggered levels; installed with ample drives, a tension control system and a good quality case hardened chain.


Layout benefits:

  • No chicken interference
  • No drip between levels, eliminating cross-product contamination
  • 30% saving in floor area compared to conventional 300mm wheel layouts
  • Stainless steel round tube track improves hygiene
  • Intelligent drive control system for adaptive tension


Applied to the conveyor in two areas: a pre-chilling section, which operates at temperatures above freezing, and a secondary chilling section, which operates at temperatures just below freezing. We use R717 ammonia which is extremely efficient and environmentally-friendly but other refrigerants are available.

Pre-chiller benefits:

  • Dehydration effects are reduced and evisceration drip does not freeze in the chicken
  • Approximately half of the heat is removed here, so moisture in the air does not form as frost on the cooling coils
  • Defrost time is eliminated

Secondary chilling benefits:

  • Removes the remainder of the heat
  • Operates at between 0°C and -2°C in order to achieve the desired deep muscle temperature
  • Continuous processing without loss of capacity, enabling full refrigeration whilst alternate coils are defrosting

Easy access and optimum hygiene

  • Conveyor and birds suspended at the right height for easy access into the chiller area
  • Easy access to the air distribution plenum chamber for maintenance and hygiene
  • Cooling coils constructed with Pennine easy clean specification for total access to all areas, with a fully accessible drip tray
  • Air distribution nozzles are easily cleaned and robust enough to stand up to day to day use
  • Stainless steel to prevent corrosion by cleansing materials


  • Compressors have a complete automatic standby facility, enabling maintenance to be carried out without loss of refrigeration capacity
  • Condensers operate at the lowest economic condensing temperature to minimise operating and capital costs.

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