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Spiral Chiller & Freezer

Spiral Chiller & Freezer


Spiral freezing enables products to be frozen either individually or in batches. The ‘spiral’ is a vertical conveyor where products pass through a continuous freezing process.


  • Products can be frozen naked, in-tray or wrapped
  • Airflow and belt/conveyor speeds adjustable to suit product
  • Quick freezing without damaging the product
  • Minimal product weight loss during freezing
  • Multi-tiered to maximise production and save floor space

Suitable for:

  • Meat, e.g. sausages
  • Poultry, e.g. chicken strips
  • Seafood
  • Pizza
  • Desserts
  • Baked goods
  • Ready meals
  • Ice cream

If this is the solution that best suits your needs, we’ll select the right spiral freezer for you, as well as all the related high-side equipment (compressors, condensers etc) that you’ll need for your spiral freezer to operate to its best capability.

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