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Factory Refrigeration

Our Positive Air Displacement System has been specifically designed to provide a draught-free, temperature-controlled environment in food processing areas. Air displacement terminals are placed around the production area to evenly distribute the air supply. It is ideal for production areas with high occupancy and ceilings 3.5m or higher.

Heat recovery: the collection and re-use of heat arising from any industrial process, such as refrigeration, that would otherwise be lost. Heat recovery can help to reduce the overall energy consumption of the process itself, or provide useful heat for other purposes.

When a heat pump system is installed in a factory setting, discharge gas - a by-product of an industrial process - can be converted to heat water. The gas is a waste heat source which requires cooling, but by running this gas through a small refrigeration system, the heat energy can be recovered and used to heat water in a storage unit. The resulting hot water can then be used in factory processes, thereby saving energy.


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