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Positive Air Displacement System

Positive Air Displacement System


Our Positive Air Displacement System has been specifically designed to provide a draught-free, temperature-controlled environment in food processing areas. Air displacement terminals are placed around the production area to evenly distribute the air supply. It is ideal for production areas with high occupancy and ceilings 3.5m or higher.


  • ‘Bath’ of cool air targeted to the production area, maintained at between 6°C and 12°C
  • Combination of fresh and recycled air to minimise energy usage
  • Efficiency benefits: cooling only the displaced air instead of entire room/area
  • Uses fresh air from outside for a greater cooling effect and reduced running costs: free cooling


  • Increased efficiency and lower capital costs compared to grille systems
  • Stainless steel terminals
  • Fully accessible for cleaning
  • Cold air is delivered to exactly where it is needed – to the production line
  • No draughts, therefore a better working environment, resulting in less downtime

How it works

The aim is to fill the occupied area of the production room with air at the right temperature and humidity for both staff comfort and production efficiency. By not cooling the unoccupied upper level of the production area, energy usage is reduced.

Warm air generated in the production area is naturally displaced towards the ceiling. From there, a proportion is removed and cooled by the air handling unit fitted in the roof void. The cooled air is then ducted back into the room in the occupied area via the displacement terminals which discharge the air at a low level and at low velocity in order not to disturb the air temperature in this area.

The Pennine Positive Air Displacement System can also be used to provide larger air changes where required. For example, when cleaning processes increase humidity in the production area the system can reduce the moisture in the air by using a higher proportion of fresh air with dehumidification. The system reverts to its optimum operating conditions after a set period of time.

If your factory environment temperature needs adjusting, please get in touch.

Positive Air Displacement System

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