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Industrial Cooling Systems

Industrial Cooling Systems


Pennine Environmental Services Ltd are at the forefront of innovative developments in cooling and freezing systems for the food processing sector.

  • X-Stream Impingement Crust Freezer

    Our innovative impingement freezer applying low temperature, high velocity air directly onto the product.

  • X-Stream Test Rig

    Our industry-leading design and impingement functionality in a smaller, more efficient unit.

  • Vent-Stream Air Chiller

    Our innovative and cost-effective cleanable poultry chiller. Maximises product yield, energy efficiency, reliability and bird shelf-life.

  • Blast Chilling & Freezing

    This process uses unique principles to suit different applications, with product trials carried out to confirm optimum cooling times, air temperature and velocity.

  • Spiral Chiller & Freezer

    The ‘spiral’ is a vertical conveyor where products pass through a continuous freezing process. Products can be frozen either individually or in batches.

  • Positive Air Displacement System

    Specifically designed to provide a draught-free, temperature-controlled environment in food processing areas. Ideal for high occupancy areas.

  • Pennine Intelligent Drive Control System

    In air chiller conveyor systems, the best way to control a multiple drive system is to control the tension between each drive, so we’ve developed our own solution.


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