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Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery


All our refrigeration solutions are built to be as energy-efficient as possible. We know that our customers are working hard to meet energy and CO2 reduction targets – and we’ve got a few ideas to help them achieve it.

Heat recovery: the collection and re-use of heat arising from any industrial process, such as refrigeration, that would otherwise be lost. Heat recovery can help to reduce the overall energy consumption of the process itself, or provide useful heat for other purposes.

For example, a 244kW heat recovery system was installed at one customer site in order to harness waste heat from the upgraded refrigeration plant.

Heat recovery

Benefits for the customer included:

  1. Providing a ROI in the customer’s condenser replacement work with a significant reduction in energy and CO₂ costs
  2. Pre-heating mains cold water by up to +47°C, reducing the load presented to the site’s gas fired boilers
  3. The facility to store heated water for use in periods of low plant utilisation – such as ‘wash down’
  4. A reduction in the site’s CO₂ emissions and subsequent environmental impact

In fact, the annual reduction in CO2 equivalent tons with this project is equivalent to a family car travelling 525,655 miles.

Read our case study showing how we reduced a customer’s energy usage and saved them money here.  


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