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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps


When a heat pump system is installed in a factory setting, discharge gas - a by-product of an industrial process - can be converted to heat water. The gas is a waste heat source which requires cooling, but by running this gas through a small refrigeration system, the heat energy can be recovered and used to heat water in a storage unit. The resulting hot water can then be used in factory processes, thereby saving energy.

CO2 heat pumps are most suited to medium to large scale processing units. They can efficiently produce high temperature hot water for both industrial and commercial use. For example, a CO2 heat pump has the capacity to produce up to 22,000 litres of hot water at an inlet temperature of 15°C and an outlet temperature of 90℃.

Benefits of a CO2 heat pump

  • Uses natural refrigerant CO2 instead of chemical refrigerants 
  • CO2 generates higher water temperatures whilst being a low GWP refrigerant
  • Clean and safe process
  • Energy losses are minimised
  • No additional energy is needed to produce the heat and no gases are discharged into the atmosphere. 

heat pump

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