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Blast Chilling & Freezing

Blast Chilling & Freezing


Our blast chilling and freezing process uses unique principles to suit different applications. Product trials are carried out in our blast process test facility to confirm optimum cooling times, air temperature and velocity to guarantee high quality results.


  • Baffle plate technology directs air around the product, ensuring thorough, consistent chilling and freezing
  • Bespoke design to suit the product and the production area
  • Production throughput increases as defrost time reduces


  • Fully cleanable
  • Easily maintained
  • Fast and efficient
  • Smaller units enables production to order, reducing unnecessary energy usage and costs
  • Can be used for high risk and low risk applications as wellas final product processing before despatch
  • Suitable for multi-lane mechanisation
  • Ideal for a full range of pork, beef and poultry products as well as ready-prepared products

How it works

The blast process unit contains a coil, fans and baffle plates, through which air is directed.

The differentiated spacing of the holes in the baffle plates directs the air around and through the product, ensuring fast, efficient and thorough processing.


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